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Geir Rønning live

I was born in Ålesund Norway in November 5th 1962. I have been a professional singer for about 20 years now. During these years I have done all kinds of music and many kinds of shows. From solo acts with just a guitar to “Rhapsody in Rock” is in many ways miles apart, but in the heart of music there is room for it all.

Here is a short story of what I have done.
I am the proud winner of the Finnish Eurovision 2005 with the great ballad “Why”. We did not qualify to the final in Kiev, but a dream came true later that year when I sang in The Royal Albert Hall in London.

I am the singer of the official song “Victory” in 2005 IAAF World Championship in Helsinki. That song gave me the unforgettable journey to the casino in Monaco and performing the song live in front of all the leaders and stars of IAAF track and field including Prince Albert of Monaco. And I sang it in the opening and closing ceremony of the World Championship.

I got my own show “The Geir Rönning Show” at the international Casino in Helsinki in 2006 and 2007. In 2006 we had great fun doing “Abba in Symphony” in Sandefjord, Norway, Tommy Körberg, Trine Rein, Maarja and I.

During the last few years I have had the great pleasure of being on tour in many countries with Maestro Robert Wells and his fantastic “Rhapsody in Rock”. Many GREAT memories and shows together! In 2008 we did the opening cermony in the World Championships of ISU figure skating in Göteborg, Sweden. The same year we did Rhapsody in Rock in the Bejiing Olympics together at the Olympic Green area during the Olympics!! (Aired on CCTV)

In 2009 I had the pleasure of writing and performing the Official song of the UEFA European Championship. We performed "Champions of the day" at the opening cermony (together with the amazing Finnish singer Karoliina Kallio) I wrote the music and the original Swedish lyric, my dear friend Andre´Chaker did the English version and the legendary singer/songwriter J Karjalainen did the Finnish version. A very proud moment to me :)

090909 is a magical number to me for the rest of my life. That is when we had the opening day of the musical "PlayMe" at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. My first musical ever, and I LOVED IT!

In 2010 I became the oldest "Idol" ever, in the competition "Idols" TV history world wide!. I ended up at the magical number 7 spot. Swedish TV4 aired the show, and will for ever be one of my favorite memories.

2011 and 2012 I did a lot of shows together with Robert Wells and Rhapsody in Rock, but also together with "Ullis" and Fredrik Kempe at "Glasklart" in Malmö, Sweden.

2013 and 2014 I went back to the Theatre, but this time in Vasa, Finland. I did "Fighting Star" at Waasa Theatre.

But during my time in Vasa I also started working on my next solo album. I have not yet released an album in Swedish! Strange, cause Swedish, Sweden and especially the swedish speaking parts of Finland have been my place to breath for quite a while.


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